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Good day everyone welcome to Queen Sheba online store,  peace and love ❤️ everyone.. in this store, we are dealing with all kind of Organic products that makes all type of natural hair to grow healthy, Long Full thick shiny, and lovely.... Our product are perfect on all types of kinky curly hair.. like. 4C, 4B, 3B, 3C.... etc.....

You can also check our YouTube channel to see how it works and how we use it on diffrent Natural kinky curly hair. Our YouTube channel is (Queenjidnatural)


Our Organic Herbal hair Grow oil, that was made with 100 percent Herbal that benefits the root of our hair. Like olive oil, Tumeric oil,  Almond oil, jasmine oil,  sun flowers oil etc.. so any organic oils are made with the herbal grow oil. 

Our organic Moisture hair conditioner was made with organic Emulsifier and with organic Oils, 

Our organic cream is new that was made with share butter, mango butter, and different kind of essential oils,  it was so creamy fluffy and shiny like organic native Cream.... 


Our Company have tested this product on different type of 7 natural hair , and the product always react so great.... for those of you that have been asking me , maybe allergies patients can use the product.. our product is allergies free , because all our products are made up with organic Herbal root.. so it is safe to use for any one. And it is for all type of hair.. grab your own now.

Organic immune system Herbal..

Alot of you people have been asking me what is my secret to Slimming stature after I born 4 kids .. so am using this opportunity to tell you guys the herbal tea that I always drink earlier in the morning and night to burn fat away... 

Apart from Slimming this Herbal tea is spiritual healing tea that can help heal alot stress and negative energy in a body.. and this Herbal tea also help to digest inflammatory system in body.

So it good for you.

Thanks for patronising us

Queen Shebba